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Welcome to our website!

GHSR.Org stands for Global Human Studies & Reasearch.Org and we're a non-profit self-funded organization operating in the field of human research.

We monitor and document the effects as a result of interference by humans against other humans and the environment they live in.

Why we do this?

We view that it is necessary to put developments from around the globe into a perspective that is rarely used: those of humane. Without such view there will be no awareness that politicizing is most of the time the cause of all things happening between people or even done by people against other people.

We all have plenty of example around us.

Insane fanatics in Syria and Iraq who almost genocidal root out everyone who are not like them. Whites who feels themselves superior as a result of years long government's policies now going out of hand as militarized police in the United States shows.

Chasing after a luxury life style while ignoring to realize that nothing can be brought into your own grave have led to extraordinary excesses of greed across the globe. Mugabe's wife, China's former security chief Zhou Yongkang are extreme examples.

Poverty may look like a effect as a result of shortages. It's not. Ignorance, negligence, greed, selfishment, egoism, individualism to name a few. It's all in the head of those who are to blame for the existence of poverty.

After Hayan comes Hagupit. It's more than 700 km in width and threatens to do same as Hayan: wiping the northern part of the Philippines from the map. Cause? The sea east of the Philippines is becoming warmer and warmer because on the northern side of the sea the flow from south to north is blocked by a stronger stream. That causes the amassment of warmth east of the island state. And, were does all that warmth come from? Anywhere in the world brought by into the air stream east of Australia into northern direction. How do we get more and more warm air? It once began by nature but that is millions of years ago. Now it is human who continue and even makes it worse.

That's the way we monitor and document: from a human perspective.